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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?
The Random Fast Food Generator is a random generator designed to help you choose which fast food you want to have.

What is the purpose the site?
Hopefully this will help to settle arguments about fast food the world over.

What if the Random Fast Food Generator suggests a takeaway that I don’t want?
Hit it again…best out of three?…best out of five?

What if the fast food that was chosen didn’t taste very nice?
We cannot accept responsibility for the quality of fast food around the world.

Do you have an iPhone app?
Not yet but if you add this site to your home screen, you will see a nice RFFG button appear that can help bring you back to us times of great need and starvation.

Do you have Facebook and Twitter?
Yes. Follow and Like us now. Don’t forget to #RFFG or #Randomfastfoodgenerator